Friday, August 18, 2006

CT SCAN. Been there, done that. And looks like I will need to do it again in Jan. This is a picture of what a ct scan on the lungs looks like- very thin slices or the lungs, from what I understand. When I went to the pulminologist, she did a chest xray, found a shadowy looking area, did a CT scan. She looked at it, and said- and I quote, "Oh it's nothing to write home about, no worries." I breathed a sign of relief and on we went, looking to ferret out the cause of this cough. Well, had to go back this week again and she briefly whizzed through this statement and on into the conversation: "You had the ct scan last week and the radiologist has a few concerns and wants to repeat it in January." and on to other things she moved. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!! It took me a bit to process- she talks very fast and it wasn't until that evening that I actually thought about that statement, chewed and worried on it all night and called her the next day. "What do you mean he had some concerns?" I asked.
"I told you it was a shadow, possibly some scar tissue."
"No, you said it was nothing to write home about and moved on. Why am I coming back in Jan for this?"
"I told you, it was a shadow, possiby some scar tissue, and the radiologist wants to look at it again in January."
"No, your exact words were-"It's Nothing To Write Home About!" What concerns- if it's scar tissue, it's not dangerous and not growing, right?"
"Most likely. He just wants to repeat the test in January."
"Repeat it now and get rid of it if it's concern-causing."
"We will wait till January."

Yeah, and exactly what are YOU waiting on? I'm the one waiting and worrying! I'm the one with three children to plan for. I'm the one hacking up a lung and waking up with a stress cold sore! Darn it all anyway! I loved this doctor until this very moment. It's easy to be cavalier with someone else's life!

I have to give this to God, because I am not dealing with it very well on my own. It might well be nothing, but ya know, I would rather have not known about it than have it niggle and eat at me and intrude on my thoughts. Say a prayer, would ya? I've a feeling they will be much more helpful and reassuring than the medical proffesion at large.

Friday, August 11, 2006

AAACCCKKK! My Boys Are Making Me CRAZY!!!! Holy Cow! They fight and tattle from the moment they get up until their heads hit the pillow! "That's what little kids do," you say, right? Okay, I agree! But mine are 13 and 11!!!!! By the time Steve gets home I am ready to just hand them over and leave till bedtime! Testosterone Overload!!!! Ya' think I could sneak some Womens' Formula Vitamins or something into their ice tea and it might make a difference? I am ready to duct tape them together- arm to arm and leg to leg on one side. It'll either kill 'em or cure 'em! Eyeyiyi!!!

So I went back to the docs last week for this chronic cough I've had since Jan, and said the 2nd round of antibiotic and inhaler was again, making no difference. She made an appointment with a pulminologist for Sept 6th (yes, another month to wait!). I called back and asked them to put me on the cancellation list. Well they called Tues when I was already headed to town for groceries so I skipped the food and went there for 3 hours! Nothing definitive yet, but I feel like we are taking a much more proactive approach and will get to the bottom of it. And now I can be there when my children get off the bus after their first day of school! Yay!

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Slice of Summer!!!Chose this yellow watermelon at the local produce stand yesterday, just on a lark. It was just for fun and had two strikes against it to start with- it was very small and not seedless. Hey, I have two teen boys, a daughter and Steve and watermelon is my personal fave, so they usually need to be pretty big!And seeds- well, we've just gotten spoiled with the seedless varieties. But OMGosh! This watermelon was sooooo sweet and wonderful!!!! Probably sweeter than any red I've ever had! It was WONDERFUL! ANd the color was just so pretty on the plates. So if you get the chance to try a yellow watermelon, don't pass it up!