Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oh my goodness! This was the easiest EVER! An SBB member mentioned these purses recently in a chat I hosted, so I had to ceck them out. They are awesome! Roomy, lined, and well constructed. And they don't look like a lunchbox!
Tracy, from Paper Princess, is shipping two of these purses for me to give away in a contest for the April Ezine! Yay!

The hardest part about making the insert was deciding to use photos or not, to go fun, fresh, funky, shabby, retro or chic! I think I'll have to make about 12 inserts and just have fun changing them out to fit my mood!

Now....if they could come up with a customizable laptop bag, I would be in heaven! hint*wink*hint!

Papers here are all from Shelleyrae's Juliet Kit, availabke at SBB. The Template is Catch-a-Wave from Dianne Rigdon, available at ScrapArtist. Honestly, the whole thing took about 20 minutes to make! You do need a program that uses psd files for the template. I'm going to talk to Dianne and see if I can pull together a png version for folks if they want it.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I was trying to figure out how I could come up with an artpiece for my 2007 word and just kept drawing a blank ...hee ... pun intended :) . Our pastor's message today was about something along the very same lines, and finding time to give up just 15 minutes a day of our hurried-ness, or our busy-ness. We are calling it Gap Time in our house because when you have teens, words like quiet time, or personal devotions only elicit monstrous sighs and eye rolling. But really, the first 5 minutes are for quietness, just quietness...BREATHING! Fits perfectly-eh?! The second five minutes are for devotional reading- that's it, only 5! I think they can take that in stride. And the final 5 are for giving the day and everyone we encounter in it to God. I really like the idea, and will try to find some good sites to hook the boys up to to keep them interested in devotions. But this is the artpiece I will make into a simple little fridge magnet and a card to keep in my car/purse as a gentle reminder. Lilacs...just reading the word and I can almost smell their sweetness, feel the Spring in the air.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My word, my theme for 2007, is BREATHE. Life has been so insanely hectic since I started school three semesters ago, that time with my children and the man I love has become a premium, rather than part of my everyday. I was given the gift of perspective, if only for a brief moment, over Thanksgiving break. My family, home and God are THE most important things in my life. They came first and are the reason for everything else I do, not the end result.

I hope to be able to take the time to cuddle more, simply play board games more, go for walks more, and hug more. God has given us one go-around on this earth. We have on chance to love for all we're worth, with our love and His. Every moment counts. That doesn't mean race through your day and get everything out of it you can. To me, it means savor each moment of that day. BREATHE in the essence of each other. Breathe out the stresses, the non-important. Breathe in and let God's light and life fill you with hope and warmth. And Breathe that out on all those around you.