Thursday, April 27, 2006

WooHoo! I am very excited! I am going to participate in a new challenge, kind of a cross between an art journal and scrap album,and you can find it here. ArtsyMama is the host and has a wealth of information at her blog. And it will gve me the needed break from studying and help me keep up better with my sadly neglected blog here! :) A..N..D.. it's yet anothr great excuse to not start the daunting task of decluttering my house! Hey, all this clutter is fodder for my pages, right? hehehhe

Friday, April 14, 2006

So last night, Steve and I coached our first t-ball practice! What fun! Steve has coached Little League for several years now, but Levi started right off in LL, not in t-ball. Claire wanted to play, and of course we want her to know she can do anything the boys can, and anything a hearing child can. The clinchers to the deal were - hehehehhe - the hot pink batting helmet and glove we found at Dick's. Too cute. Those kids were sooooo adorable! We had them practice hitting, throwing and running the bases. Running the bases took a few times as they kind of ran to wherever they saw their mom, dad or grandma standing, rather than to 1st, 2nd and 3rd, but they got there eventually. It was really funny, and just plain fun! Nice to play again for the love of it instead of to win! And right now, they just want to have fun, Winnning? ...Everybody wins!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Week 1 Top 10 List - 10 worst habit or things I would change about me...
Top 10 Challenges found weekly here:
Keely's list read like it could have been mine!
1. I am ALWAYS late! Not so much with tasks and commitments, just in arriving anywhere everywhere! Smeone once told me it was selfishness- NOT- and I thought thay were being very judgemental. I am just not organized with my time! which brings me to
2. I am NOT organized. Not with my stuff, clothed, scheduling, anything.
3. I am obsessive with being perfect at the tasks I do take on (althgouh obviously not with my typing!).
4. I hate the way I feel about my body- BLECHT!
5. I wish I could stick with a diet and exercise routine, might have an effect on #4
6. I am not patient enough with my children. Sometimes I feel like I teat strangers better than my own family and I hate that because I love them so much!
7. Can't seem to stick with a devotional schedule. Have always wanted to, but doesn't last long, no matter how many times I restart it! But I keep trying.
8. I wish my brain absorbed and assimilated sign language much faster than it is! I want to know it NOW! Forwards and Backwards!
9. I wish I could let go for good of some things that have happened in the past. I think I have forgiven the parties, but is it really forgiving if it stll haunts me?
10.I get motion sickness REALLY easily! Even reading the sides of tractor trailers that pass us on the highway can trigger nausea- NOT fun!
Your Turn!

So I was so excited to finally have my header on top of this baby, that I actually posted my blog addy at SBB and put it into my siggy at AllyScraps! Not that you will find anything but my extraordinarily bad typing and day to day rambling here, but fun to know it's out there.Just watched FlightPlan last night with Jodi Foster- Good movie- very suspenseful! Signed on to Netflicks yesterday as the VCR side of our DVD/VCR player up and died. And living in the sticks, we get no- and I mean NO tv reception! But the downside is that we have about 300 video tapes! Buuuutttt, I just had an epiphany- I don't ever have to watch another John Wayne Movie! YESSSS! Oh wait- they come in dvd to? I won't tell m dh and son if you don't! And if you do, I WILL FIND YOU! :)

So I was tagged this week! Heeee, it's like getting a little party invitation! But it's a tough tag! I am supposed to tell you about a person I admire and 4 reasons why I admire that person. There are too many people I admire to pick just one! Can I pick 4 (or maybe 40) and list 1 trait of each? heee, so who exactly am I expecting to answer that question- the Tag Police?
Let's see, I admire Keely, because of the obstacles and prejudice she has overcome and her amazing victorious spirit!
Amy Edwards, because she runs this amazing and HUGE business and because she is simply a dear friend and knows when I need a hug.
Ronalyn Barut and her awesome photography skills.
Sonya Johnston, Zee Helmick and Raechel Knight, ad Helen O'Daniel for their generous spirits in sharing their time and talents with me.
Dianne Rigdon who manages to design and homeschool and be a great wife and mom all at the same time!
Marie Brooks who has weathered more storms and risen like cream to the top!
And the list just goes on and on and on!
So Tag Police...catch me if you can, but not before I tag...Raechel!

Okay, so anyone know if there is Spell Check for blogs because my typing is horrid! But I am not likely to go back and fix stuff, so I gess y'all will have to put up with me and my typos or read elsewhere!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WooHoo! Rachel Knight, aka knightsgal, is one fab chica! She helped me gussy up this baby! For the life of me, I couldn't find where to insert the url into the html to get my header in the right place! But she made it look like a cake walk. Some folks just have the knack, and are sweet enough to share it. Thank you Raechel!

Made this today using papers from Dianne Rigdon and ele's from Dani Brath. It was for a scraplift challenge at This is a friend of ours at the baseball field with his new son. I just loved the masculinity and the delicacy of the dad and new babe in the photo.

Well it's after midnght, and I sooo need to go to bed! Kids have off tomorrow so you can bet, I'm gonna need my strength :). Hopefully will get to do my tag and Top 10.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I was all set to whine, but....

Keely tagged me!!!! I was feeling all kinds of cruddy about my weekend that was supposed to be fabulous, and then Keely ( wrote the sweetest things and tagged me! So as soon as I get the lowdown on how t tag others, I will do that. Thanks Keely!

So my fabulous weekend with Steve at a B& the loo-seriously! We went and had one wonderful eve on Friday- hot tub, fireplace, and no inerruptions- BLISS! Then Saturday morning, I woke up with some kind of serious stomach flu- spent the entire day on the sofa at our little getaway, barfing! Same thing Sunday when we came home and found out from the sitter that two of my three kidders had started barfing in the middle of the night as well! So not only do I have three hurling chunks, but a totally trashed house (male babysitters are fab with kids, but definitly don't think to keep the house in the same condition he found it in- to his credit though, e did dump the barf bowls and make sure the kids had showered), and not a clean blanket, sheet, pillow or towel in sight! AARRGGH! And then I findout that the mom who was supposed to cover the baseball carpool for me Friday eve totally forgot she had agreed to do it and was tee'd off at me and the other mom for not bringing her son home! Hello! We covered this! ......So Keely, you REALLY did brighten my day!

Did a very fun scraplift challenge today at SBB and gave me the perfect opportunity to sue this photo of my subversive son's Note Passing Pen. I picked it up to write with it, and discovered why it wouldn't write- because it had notes rolled up inside! Heeee..consoling myself that he is preparing for work in the CIA or FBI. Yeah, that's it!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Make it count!

Make every day count! Hug your babies, your hubby, your cat! Heard it all before? Do it anyway! I just heard yesterday that a very sweet 19yo girl from one of my sign language classes is in critical condition. Her water bottle rolled forward and got jammed under the break pedal of her car, causing a very serious car accident. This girl is one in a million. And so are you. Please, buckle up, don't leave things unsaid, hug those you care about, and just smile sweetly at everyone else. Yours may be the last one they see.
Sorry, had to get that in, not that anyone reads this as I haven't posted the addy anywhere, but just in the off chance that you happen to see it, there it is.
I found a very sweet little paper-scrapping site the other day called The ladies there are awesome and here was this forum for digital scrappers that not a soul had posted to it! Well you know me, I just couldn't pass it up without saying howdy to those nice ladies, and offering to field any questions they might have on digital scrapping. So I did. And they even had a digital gallery. So I popped in a few layouts. I have to say, I sure love looking at paper-scrapped projects, not that I am considering switching, but I find them very inspiring! I adore digital, it just works for my personality, lifestyle, lack of storage and work space, and pocketbook, and my home away from home is But these ladies have some wonderful layouts in there and altered projects. I hope I can help inspire them as much!
And along the scrapping avenue, Darn! I wanted to look at Katie the Scrapbook Lady's Month of Memories e-book but it looks like her site is undergoing a revamp, o can't access the store. Whiiiining here!
On a personal note, Steve and I are going to a B&B this weekend. He is taking 1/2 a day off from work and meeting me after my last class, and off we go! am sooooo excited, I can't even tell you! We ve been to this one before, and it is just wonderful. Steve, me, hottub and fireplace, and satellite radio for a little mood music. What could be better than that??!!! I am having the hardest time ever concentrating on my classes just knowing that is waiting at week's end. Lots to do before then though as I have a major exam Friday morning, the house to get in order for the sitter, casseroles to prepare for them, permission slips to draft for emergency medical treatment for the kidders, and on and on and on the list goes. But it will sooooo be worth it to have a little R&R with my honey!

Monday, April 03, 2006

I wanna know!

Osmosis! Someone with html knowlege lay your hands on your monitor and send me html vibes, will ya? Please? :) I want to jazz this baby into this decade, but have no clue how. Of course I only want to spend 30 minutes doing it, and that isn't too likely, is it. One of these days, maybe I'll work through the Help section and figure it out. Yep, I will, when I'm done with college, have learned ASL forward and backwards, my children are no longer demanding that I cook, clean launder and run to sports practices and events. Yep, that's when I'll do it! Until then...think, "Sending Laurie html vibes...html vibes...html vibes..."

Sunday, April 02, 2006

So who's big idea was this?

Miss Keely, that's who!!! Okay Keely, I now have a blog. Whether or not I'll actually remember to write in it is beyond me, but here she is. I wold love to figure out how to customize this uppy before I share the addy with anyone, and maybe I'll look like I actually have a clue to my techno-wizard brothers! Now that WOULD be fun!
Off to find tutorials on how to do this!