Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hehehehehhe, so am I the worst blogger ever, or what?! ALl good intentions, I would just rather read about other folks lives than write about my own. I LOVE my life, just that it's probably not too exciting for anyone other than me!

I recently made the aquaintance of Nicole Hinrichs, a very talented digital artist whose galleries I could spend hours gazing at! She will be interviewed as well in an upcoming ezine, what a fun job I have! But Nicole's work inspired me to explore some of my other creative leanings, maybe a little less than conventional. This is when I need to remember that art is something I create for myself and those I love, not necessarily for the approval of others.

Saturday afteroon, Levi and Ben had like 8 friends here to run through the fields shooting air-soft guns. They had lots of fun. I was trying to figure out how to feed all of them economically so I didn't break my grocery budget for the month. Thought about spaghetti, big hit, but big mess with that many. Ended up with the old stand-by, pizza. Surprisingly, only came to like $25 for two sheets, so it really was a bargain when you factor in how many we were feeding!