Thursday, July 17, 2008

WooHoo. We made it. The Slawta family is reunited in Indiana. There were supposed to be exclamation points after those three sentences, but for some strange reason, blogger is telling me I can't use them in my posts...bizarre. Heeee...actually, we have been here for about 2 weeks now. Still boxes and more boxes to unpack, but all the essentials have been put away, so the rest will be weeded through when we have the time. I am amazed at all the "stuff" we've managed to collect though. We sent van-loads to the mission in NY, and I have a perpetual Goodwill box going here and keep refilling it. Wherever did I find to room to pack it all away in NY? In a home with half the square footage?

We have met many of our neighbors and they are all wonderful. They have this awesome "open Door" policy when it comes to the kids. All are welcome, wherever, and everyone just politely sends them packing when it's time to go home or for meals. So there are often some extras here, or if mine are missing, they're really not as I know right where to find them. I thought I would miss the solitude and privacy we had in NY, but I am really enjoying the secure feeling of having caring neighbors nearby.

Okay, so I will try to post a few pics, one blog entry at a time, that I've neglected to upload. These butterfly cupcakes were sooooo easy to make and we did them for Claire's birthday in school. We just cut fruit-jelly slices in half, and then in half again for the wings (must rinse scissors every 10 slices or so as they get very sticky), and used chocolate-flavored Twizzlers for the butterfly body, and melted chocolate chips squeezed out the corner of a ziploc baggie for the antennae. Really, couldn't have been easier and they looked so festive...Girly enough for the feminine quotient of the class, and tasty enough for the boys. Oh yeah, I just noticed the toothpicks in the pics, they are solely there to keep the foil from doing damage in transit.