Monday, October 13, 2008

Girl vs. Wheel Barrow! And the winner is.....

A day in the ER and 22 stitches later...the winner was clear. Sigh... Someone just tagged me last week and asked what my greatest fear was. My answer - not being able to protect my children always. She did well through the stitches (6 inside, 16 outside). The worst part was the numbing process- involved being stuck with a needle more times than the stitching involved! The doc expects it to heal well though. Poor Baby! And she just finished healing up after taking a header off her bike! It's amazing we manage to survive to adulthood! Levi's had a concusion in football this year and was benched for 2.5 weeks. One more (this was his 2nd in as many years) and football is done, finito, caput! Each one he gets makes it easier to get another.
Tomorrow is another day!

Joy Journal: My girl is okay after all that! That a dear friend found out he has NON-Hodkins Lymphoma and is treatable! Thank you, God! And I'm thankful that Claire likes puzzles more than SpongeBob cartoons! Time to get one out, now!