Thursday, May 25, 2006

UGH! I exercised yesterday and today, for the first time in probably 6 years. I know. Sad. But in my defense, during that time, my dh lost his leg in a serious accident, and I had a daughter born profoundly deaf, who had a bazillion doctors' appointments, therapists and surgery. I was also homeschooling my two boys and woring parttime. And this last Sept. I went back to college. So life was more than a little full. But, during that time, I went back to my old habits of eating for comfort as it seemed the only thing in my life I could control, and totally blew off exercising. I know, what exactly was I in control of? Not a thing. My weight went up, up, up- I won't even type the number here because I'll want chocolate to ease the pain.
So, feelin crappy, in one kind of pain or another most of the time, hating what I see in the mirror, and the knowledge that I am the only one within 20 miles that my daughter can fully communicate with via ASL, other than her interpreters, has pushed me to getting a little more serious about getting a grip. And we are planning a short trip later in the year and how mortifying it would be to have to ask the stewardess for a seatbelt extension!
Yesterday, I dug out my old sneakers, dusted them off, laced them up and joined Amy for a rather ambitious walk up a killer hill. And today's walk was longer and worse. The weather was awesome, but the hill long and steady. I was out of breath in the first 200 steps, panting heavily and red-faced, but having someone else with you forces you to not give up out of sheer embarrassment! So on I trudged-er-powerwalked! Not sure how long it was yesterday, but today was about 3.5 miles. Not bad! But, I have three blisters to show for it- two on my achilles tendons and one on an arch. Bandaids helping and going to do it again tomorrow. GottaGottaGotta! My new mantra. GottaGottaGotta! Ibuprofen is my friend. GottaGottaGotta.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This is a total BRAG log today! I am so pleased- I logged into the campus website and found out I got an A in all of my classes this semester! Yay! GPA is 3.89 because I had one B+ in there from last semester. Grrr...oh well, whatcha gonna do? I only ranted about that for a little while- after all, I am a grownup now- or cleverly disguised as one.

But the thing I am most thrilled about that I had to post here is that My 11yo son Ben earned his Brown Belt in TaeKwonDo last night! WooHoo Ben This is not a scaled down belt for kidders, but he has to go through the same tests and learn the same forms as the adults, and spars with adults! He is awesome and has worked sooo hard to get here! We were on the same level until this last semester when I stopped because I was just too busy with school, but he kept going, and pushed though! Ben- you Rock, Baby!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My ASLII class has ended for the semester, just need to finish workig on a video conversation with my partner for a final grade. The children's book I was working on is done and ready to be handed in tomorrow- will post pics of that tomorrow. aone final examleft for this semester and that is next Wed. The end is in sight! I want to get working on ArtsyMama's challenges but haven't dared really start because I know how I am with projects- it's all or nothing. I will fall into it, headfirst and won't surface for air until it is completed, so NEED to make sure I have all my fonal projects for classes done first.
Someone send me a maid for my b-day, pplllleeeaaassee??? My ouse looks like a bomb went off! Clutter has run wild since I went back to school. Guess I know what I'll be doing for a week or two after classes end! Can I add on to my maid request? A dumpster would be a very nice accompaniment!