Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hehehehehhe, so am I the worst blogger ever, or what?! ALl good intentions, I would just rather read about other folks lives than write about my own. I LOVE my life, just that it's probably not too exciting for anyone other than me!

I recently made the aquaintance of Nicole Hinrichs, a very talented digital artist whose galleries I could spend hours gazing at! She will be interviewed as well in an upcoming ezine, what a fun job I have! But Nicole's work inspired me to explore some of my other creative leanings, maybe a little less than conventional. This is when I need to remember that art is something I create for myself and those I love, not necessarily for the approval of others.

Saturday afteroon, Levi and Ben had like 8 friends here to run through the fields shooting air-soft guns. They had lots of fun. I was trying to figure out how to feed all of them economically so I didn't break my grocery budget for the month. Thought about spaghetti, big hit, but big mess with that many. Ended up with the old stand-by, pizza. Surprisingly, only came to like $25 for two sheets, so it really was a bargain when you factor in how many we were feeding!


kari said...

"This is when I need to remember that art is something I create for myself and those I love, not necessarily for the approval of others."

Well said! :) I'm with you there!

nicole hinrichs said...

how sweet you mention this here laurie, I love reading your log, you must be one strong lady, and for the weight loss, you can do anything you want, just believe in yourself. you have to do it for you and no one else. just like the art you create (which is gorgeous as I may say). god bless you girl you deserve it.
hugs nicole hinrichs
enjoyed reading your blog

vanessa said...

missed coming here but i havent missed much huuh?:0) just kidding i know how it is i spend the little time i have trying to keep up with reading others blogs. but your art is wonderful, your pages beautiful, keep it up for yourself but also for the ones who do like it.

ShanesMommy said...

Laurie I lost ur email address as my internet was shut off and now I have a new one...Anyways I wanted to thank you so much for your note & little gift. I am gonna get Shane some books, crayons, arts, paint for him to play with in his bed at the hospital as he gets restless easy. I hope things are going well for you. I updated my Blog tonight about Shane. So Ok Miss ur emails....Email me ShanesMommie@comcast.net