Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Grrrr....still no word on this cough! Thanks for the prayers and
good thoughts though, maybe no news is good news. The ENT scoped
my nose and throat (that was fun-eww!) and said, "Wow, that sure
is red in there! (DER- coughing for 9 mos now!) But the good news
is, no pollyps." So that is good news although my kidders were
disappointed they aren't getting a 3-6 week break( the amount of
time I would have to be silent after removal of pollyps from what
I understand)from mom's haranging! But I have to have yet another
CT scan, this time of my sinuses. I am going to be positively
G-L-O-W-I-N-G, although green is not really my best color. He kept
asking if I had heartburn, and I said repeatedly that I did not.
Apparently acid reflux can cause a persistant and sever ough. But
I do not have heartburn. I only get that when preggers and THAT
is not the case. But enough of this cough chat. Boring and aggra-
Here are a few LO's going up at SBB this week, as seen in the
newsletter. These were done to help promote designs by Meredith
Fenwick and DaniB. I am sooo fortunae to work with such talentd
ladies and their designs are truly a pleasure to work with.


lynne said...

Keep after those doctors until you find the answer! Gorgeous layouts as ever!

Thad said...

Maybe you and Steve are allergic to each other :) I think my favorite layout is the one with Steve in cammo hat and big sunglasses. He reminds me of Sgt Slaughter from my WWF days! The new ones are cool, too.

You would think that all of that radiation would clear up any ailments that you might have. I'll be praying the cough situation. Let us know when you get answers.

Holly said...

Hope you get some answers soon - have been thinking of you! These pages are GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!! I have sure been slacking at scrapping (no that rhyme was not intentional!). but am hoping to chnage that real soon!! Take Care!

Di said...

Yes keep after them! Ugh I know what you mean...after awhile it just feels boring to talk about it and you just want to have some fun! HUGS. Remember that we care and we aren't living with it every single day. So there. ;-)

Carla said...

Hey Miss Laurie!

Thanks for checking in on my bloggie. I thought you were Laurie G! She stops by sometimes too! I'm going to add your blog to my sidebar, so I can check in on your little life, K? So nice to hear from you! Take care, my sweet friend!

Krash said...

Laurie! Thanks for all the sweet posts on my blog:) Now I've found YOU too!! Hope your cough is GONE or at least better...and nothing serious! Thanks for the encouragement about my dd and her reading prob. She sure doesn't face the obsticals your dd does...wow. Seems like you've got a strong little girl there!! She's got a strong mommy though:)

simplyred said...

So where's all the new blog posts? Waiting... Waiting...

So glad you enjoyed your time in Atlanta. I love our metro area. Sounds like you've seen parts of it that I haven't!! I was holding off on the aquarium until the crowds died down, but that doesn't seem to be happening - glad people are loving it. And I think their logo design is absolutely inspired - A G in the shape of a fish.

I'm sorry we don't live closer, I would love a chance for us to get together sometimes and play!!

(Hope the cough is better).