Friday, November 24, 2006

Grrrrrr, I thought I would save myself the madness of the 5am sales today by shopping online at My boys both need some blue jeans and they had the Levi's on sale for $12/pr. I logged in at 5am, coffee in hand, curled up on the sofa with comforter, thinking what a wonderful way to snag those Black Friday Doorbusters. Apparently, a lot of other folks felt the same way (which is good thing, right?), but...Walmart was not prepared to handle the online barrage any more than they are ever prepared to handle it at the stores. I have been trying to checkout for more than 7 hours now.

Then, to make my day even better, I got a note from the college this morning saying they had miscalculated my credits, and that I will be two shy of graduating in Dcember. Unbelievable! But ya' know what, the class I really want to take isn't even being offered next semester- ASL IV. So I will not likely go back until it is. I a just so disgusted that they dissolved the courses in the program in which I was enrolled, that this is just the cherry on top.

Crab session over. Leftovers to look forward to tonight! And I do mean that! Thanksgiving dinner is even more wonderful the next day. And it was all the sweeter for me to cook it yesterday as I haven't really had the time to cook in a long time, the way I used to. And Levi helped me. He peeled potatoes and made an oreo cheesecake, and while he was only in the kitchen about 20-25 minutes with me, it ws nice to make that brief connection. And he seemed to really enjoy cooking! My boy is growing up too fast, so I'll relish each and every one of these moments!


Di said...

Grrrrrrrr about that dern school. Want me to yell at 'em? Sheesh.

Love the cooking story. I got pics of dh and henry working in the kitchen for turkey day. It didn't last long, but it was sweet!

JenLo said...

Maybe the problem was that you didn't wait to order online until Cyber Monday as I found out today is called (because it's the biggest online rush to order what people didn't get on Black Friday, apparently).