Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oh my goodness! This was the easiest EVER! An SBB member mentioned these purses recently in a chat I hosted, so I had to ceck them out. They are awesome! Roomy, lined, and well constructed. And they don't look like a lunchbox!
Tracy, from Paper Princess, is shipping two of these purses for me to give away in a contest for the April Ezine! Yay!

The hardest part about making the insert was deciding to use photos or not, to go fun, fresh, funky, shabby, retro or chic! I think I'll have to make about 12 inserts and just have fun changing them out to fit my mood!

Now....if they could come up with a customizable laptop bag, I would be in heaven! hint*wink*hint!

Papers here are all from Shelleyrae's Juliet Kit, availabke at SBB. The Template is Catch-a-Wave from Dianne Rigdon, available at ScrapArtist. Honestly, the whole thing took about 20 minutes to make! You do need a program that uses psd files for the template. I'm going to talk to Dianne and see if I can pull together a png version for folks if they want it.


Holly said...

LOVE this Laurie - and you already know that I think you are waaaay too crafty!! And - uh... 20 minutes to make - would take me a loooooot longer than 20 minutes my friend!! We're talking days, weeks, heck probably a month working 24/7!! Happy Weekend!

Cardee said...

That's AWESOME!!!! You KNOW I love to make purses. I hope you can share how you made it. TFS Woman! It's GREAT!

simplyred said...

Are you ever going to blog again? Get with it, lady, I miss you.