Monday, February 11, 2008

We have negotiated our home purchase! We are sooo excited! Barring any complications with the inspection on Thursday, we will be closing in late March! The current owners will be renting back from us for two months as they aren't quite packed yet, and then we will begin moving our goodies out there in May. The kidsters will finish school here though, so we won't be fully moved until the end of June. We will be meeting with a realtor today and with another on Wed. We had planned o interviewing three, but one had such a snarky attitude when we called to set it up, that I didn't even make an appointment with him. Our home is probably the single largest financial investment we will make in our lifetime, and selling it means working closely with someone to help meet our needs. We need to find the realtor who is just the right fit! This fellow totally copped an attitude because we weren't choosing him straight from the yellow pages! Sheesh! Of the two ladies coming, one was recommended by friends who moved here, and the other, by our realtor in Indy. Both seem very nice, knowledgeable, and assertive and I'm sure both would do a fine job. It may boil down to the agent who seems the most internet savvy, with the broadest reach in the market.

Anyone want to buy a sweet home in the country with 18 gorgeous acres? Email me! :)

And now on to our scheduled commercial....hehehhe. I want to win a vacuum! If I don't win one, I am going to have to pony up and buy one! So after reading Jen's blog and clicking on a button inside it, I found and their offer to Win an Oreck. We are moving from a home with mostly hardwood floors and a few area rugs, to one with some hardwood, some ceramic tile, and mostly carpeting. My dept. store upright may not adjust to the move so well. So I am following instructions and linking you back to them. Now if I would just get a little savvier and figure out how to add the buttons to my side bar and gussy up this blog, I'd be all set! Have a great day!


Kari said...

I'm so excited for you!


simplyred said...

Looks like a great house, Laurie. I love that dramatic entrance stairway. Congratulations!

P.S. You've got 4shared mail!