Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A little sad, but it's temporary...I spent all of yesterday and today painting stair risers, restaining the treads, and painting crown moulding. It's tedious work, to be sure, but it looks beautiful! We just want to put our best foot forward for selling the house, want others to look around and think "I'd really like to live here!" The part that makes me sad is that I have to leave it, when it looks exactly the way I want it to! Sigh... But I get to go to Indy and do it all over again! The painting, trim work, decorating and accessorizing...I really am looking forward to that.

A story to read, if you have a few moments:
It's all about how the top administration at NC School for the Deaf does not know how to sign with the students. Sad that those making administratiove decisons cannot communicate with those they presumably work for. They had planned to protest but were shut down. This ciuld have also been such a learning experience, and exercise in civil disobedience, that oppression and diverse opinions can be expressed and should be expressed in a constructive manner. What better place to learn this than within the confines of a safe environment- their school! Disappointing, the way this is being handled.

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JenLo said...

I have always said that I am NOT moving out of this house till it all looks the way I want !! We'll see if that every happens.