Friday, May 30, 2008

Well so much for my recording events on a daily or even weekly basis! Life has just been so full of top-speed changes these last few months! We moved Steve to Indy this past weekend. Several men from our church and a good friend from town came up to give us a hand packing the moving truck and making sure my car was up for the drive. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Mike, Floyd, Kurt, and Stuart. OMGoodness, we couldn't have done it without these guys! And my brother-in-law Dave, who helped us pack, drove a moving van, and helped unpack...there aren't words! We love you all!

We packed in 2 straight days of rain! Ugh! But at least it was beautiful when we got there for the unloading. My parents also went out and took with them all those odd boxes with crushable, fragile stuff. I think we lost one single teapot, that's it and that's pretty amazing! It did, however, take longer to make the trip with one drugged cat than with three kids! Poor thing was soooo uncomfortable! She sat on our laps and in her carrier between us and just meowed pathetically the entire trip! I don't think the medication helped much at all. But hopefully it was a one-time trip for her. That was tough.

But I think the toughest part was leaving Steve there! I reaaallllyyy miss him! Our 23rd anniversary is coming up on Monday and it will be the first we've ever spent apart! I sent him a little package yesterday containing a little sweetness and a little...well... never mind, just something to make him miss me :) . But one week down an a touch over four to go!

No luck selling the house yet. That is a major source of stress and totally prevents us from getting as excited as we want to be about the new home. But I just have to keep reminding myself to trust God to take care of it. He will.

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Kari said...

your life is so busy right now!
hope these next few weeks go super fast!!!