Friday, June 06, 2008

So what good is insurance? Pay your premium on time. Trust. But then when you need them to come through, all bets are off. Heck, you're lucky if you can even get a live person on the phone to tell you in person that your policy does not cover acts of weather related damage. Do I sound a little jaded? Yeah.

Brownsburg, IN hasn't had a tornado in twenty years. We get Steve moved in there over Memorial Day and they have two within the next week. Not kidding! We have half an inch of water in our basement- which is essentially our first floor as it is all living space... and all carpeted. The drainage ditch across the road isn't adequate to carry away the volume of water produced in extreme weather. So it backs up into our basement. We have your standard homeowners policy as well as a homeowners warranty. Both are denying the claim coverage. So the money we were hoping to get furniture with, now will go into new carpeting. I don't even want to buy new carpet unless the town fixes that ditch, but they aren't likely to do that since it's not a frequent issue. Gee, but it's okay for us to spend $5ooo on new carpet, as long as it's infrequently, right?

Seriously discouraged. We know know KNOW we're supposed to be making this move. God pointed us in the direction, even gave us the nudge, but I guess He didn't say it was going to be easy.


Kari said...

what a bummer!
the rain has been bad... not usually that bad here!
hope it gets better and stays dry!
it sure is getting hot here now!

Becki said...

oh CQ, that is just awful! I hope by now you have it all taken care of and things are going much smoother! Big hugs sweetie!