Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WooHoo! Rachel Knight, aka knightsgal, is one fab chica! She helped me gussy up this baby! For the life of me, I couldn't find where to insert the url into the html to get my header in the right place! But she made it look like a cake walk. Some folks just have the knack, and are sweet enough to share it. Thank you Raechel!

Made this today using papers from Dianne Rigdon and ele's from Dani Brath. It was for a scraplift challenge at This is a friend of ours at the baseball field with his new son. I just loved the masculinity and the delicacy of the dad and new babe in the photo.

Well it's after midnght, and I sooo need to go to bed! Kids have off tomorrow so you can bet, I'm gonna need my strength :). Hopefully will get to do my tag and Top 10.


Ronalyn said...

Hey Laurie.. the Laurie, I thought from SBB..

How sweet! So glad you started this blog thing too! It is nice to stay in touch with scrapping buddies.. and read about thier lives as well, wel if your nosy like me! LOL!

Take care and talk soon!

Holly said...

Glad you are now joining us in the land of "blog"!! have enjoyed reading bits about you so far - keep it up!! I hated it at first - but it's kinda' cool! Happy Easter!!

Holly said...

Back again!! Just noticed at shabbyelements you asked what font I used for the "new 'do" LO - it was Dirty Ego - my all-time FAV for grungy, funky pages! I think I got it from

Melanie said...

Hey Laurie!
Smile, girl - love the pic! Nice to see you in blogland (again, I guess) Look forward to hearing about your little world. Always good to know that everyone's life isn't as perfect as I imagine it is. Gee... maybe yours is??

Nancy S said...

Great new virtual home you have here. Welcome to the web. LOL

Nancy said...

Laurie is blogging?!? What's next?!? Wait...did I just see a pig fly by my window?!?!?

Glad to see you're blogging! :)