Thursday, April 13, 2006

Week 1 Top 10 List - 10 worst habit or things I would change about me...
Top 10 Challenges found weekly here:
Keely's list read like it could have been mine!
1. I am ALWAYS late! Not so much with tasks and commitments, just in arriving anywhere everywhere! Smeone once told me it was selfishness- NOT- and I thought thay were being very judgemental. I am just not organized with my time! which brings me to
2. I am NOT organized. Not with my stuff, clothed, scheduling, anything.
3. I am obsessive with being perfect at the tasks I do take on (althgouh obviously not with my typing!).
4. I hate the way I feel about my body- BLECHT!
5. I wish I could stick with a diet and exercise routine, might have an effect on #4
6. I am not patient enough with my children. Sometimes I feel like I teat strangers better than my own family and I hate that because I love them so much!
7. Can't seem to stick with a devotional schedule. Have always wanted to, but doesn't last long, no matter how many times I restart it! But I keep trying.
8. I wish my brain absorbed and assimilated sign language much faster than it is! I want to know it NOW! Forwards and Backwards!
9. I wish I could let go for good of some things that have happened in the past. I think I have forgiven the parties, but is it really forgiving if it stll haunts me?
10.I get motion sickness REALLY easily! Even reading the sides of tractor trailers that pass us on the highway can trigger nausea- NOT fun!
Your Turn!


tracy said...

it was scary reading your list because it would all be on my list except for the motion sickness..... I just came to say hi but didnt realise I would be reading a list of my shortcomings LOL...... my little girl is HA and I heard that yr little girl is too.

momy4him said...

hi ya laurie!!! i can relate to almost everything on your list too, but i was only limited to 10 bad habits! i have so many(ugh) but i put the top 10 on my blog
i am happy to see you blogging!