Monday, April 03, 2006

I wanna know!

Osmosis! Someone with html knowlege lay your hands on your monitor and send me html vibes, will ya? Please? :) I want to jazz this baby into this decade, but have no clue how. Of course I only want to spend 30 minutes doing it, and that isn't too likely, is it. One of these days, maybe I'll work through the Help section and figure it out. Yep, I will, when I'm done with college, have learned ASL forward and backwards, my children are no longer demanding that I cook, clean launder and run to sports practices and events. Yep, that's when I'll do it! Until then...think, "Sending Laurie html vibes...html vibes...html vibes..."

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Cardee said...

Hey Miss Laurie!

Thanks for checking out my little blog. If you make a header for your blog, I'm sure we can help you get it to work! Fox-Meyer's is the genius that helped me figure out how to use the template, so if I get stuck on helping you, she can help me help you! LOL! Does that make sense? Let me know if I can add your blog to the links on mine so I can keep up with yours! Take care!