Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Make it count!

Make every day count! Hug your babies, your hubby, your cat! Heard it all before? Do it anyway! I just heard yesterday that a very sweet 19yo girl from one of my sign language classes is in critical condition. Her water bottle rolled forward and got jammed under the break pedal of her car, causing a very serious car accident. This girl is one in a million. And so are you. Please, buckle up, don't leave things unsaid, hug those you care about, and just smile sweetly at everyone else. Yours may be the last one they see.
Sorry, had to get that in, not that anyone reads this as I haven't posted the addy anywhere, but just in the off chance that you happen to see it, there it is.
I found a very sweet little paper-scrapping site the other day called The ladies there are awesome and here was this forum for digital scrappers that not a soul had posted to it! Well you know me, I just couldn't pass it up without saying howdy to those nice ladies, and offering to field any questions they might have on digital scrapping. So I did. And they even had a digital gallery. So I popped in a few layouts. I have to say, I sure love looking at paper-scrapped projects, not that I am considering switching, but I find them very inspiring! I adore digital, it just works for my personality, lifestyle, lack of storage and work space, and pocketbook, and my home away from home is But these ladies have some wonderful layouts in there and altered projects. I hope I can help inspire them as much!
And along the scrapping avenue, Darn! I wanted to look at Katie the Scrapbook Lady's Month of Memories e-book but it looks like her site is undergoing a revamp, o can't access the store. Whiiiining here!
On a personal note, Steve and I are going to a B&B this weekend. He is taking 1/2 a day off from work and meeting me after my last class, and off we go! am sooooo excited, I can't even tell you! We ve been to this one before, and it is just wonderful. Steve, me, hottub and fireplace, and satellite radio for a little mood music. What could be better than that??!!! I am having the hardest time ever concentrating on my classes just knowing that is waiting at week's end. Lots to do before then though as I have a major exam Friday morning, the house to get in order for the sitter, casseroles to prepare for them, permission slips to draft for emergency medical treatment for the kidders, and on and on and on the list goes. But it will sooooo be worth it to have a little R&R with my honey!


ShanesMommy said...

BTW I am making ya BLOG as I am tagging YA hehehehehe now I want to see it up soon or I'll have to spank YA lol
See my boog for details:

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