Thursday, April 13, 2006

So I was so excited to finally have my header on top of this baby, that I actually posted my blog addy at SBB and put it into my siggy at AllyScraps! Not that you will find anything but my extraordinarily bad typing and day to day rambling here, but fun to know it's out there.Just watched FlightPlan last night with Jodi Foster- Good movie- very suspenseful! Signed on to Netflicks yesterday as the VCR side of our DVD/VCR player up and died. And living in the sticks, we get no- and I mean NO tv reception! But the downside is that we have about 300 video tapes! Buuuutttt, I just had an epiphany- I don't ever have to watch another John Wayne Movie! YESSSS! Oh wait- they come in dvd to? I won't tell m dh and son if you don't! And if you do, I WILL FIND YOU! :)

So I was tagged this week! Heeee, it's like getting a little party invitation! But it's a tough tag! I am supposed to tell you about a person I admire and 4 reasons why I admire that person. There are too many people I admire to pick just one! Can I pick 4 (or maybe 40) and list 1 trait of each? heee, so who exactly am I expecting to answer that question- the Tag Police?
Let's see, I admire Keely, because of the obstacles and prejudice she has overcome and her amazing victorious spirit!
Amy Edwards, because she runs this amazing and HUGE business and because she is simply a dear friend and knows when I need a hug.
Ronalyn Barut and her awesome photography skills.
Sonya Johnston, Zee Helmick and Raechel Knight, ad Helen O'Daniel for their generous spirits in sharing their time and talents with me.
Dianne Rigdon who manages to design and homeschool and be a great wife and mom all at the same time!
Marie Brooks who has weathered more storms and risen like cream to the top!
And the list just goes on and on and on!
So Tag Police...catch me if you can, but not before I tag...Raechel!

Okay, so anyone know if there is Spell Check for blogs because my typing is horrid! But I am not likely to go back and fix stuff, so I gess y'all will have to put up with me and my typos or read elsewhere!


Raechel said...

Hey Laurie :) Yes, actually I do know of a spell checker for blogs ;) surprised?? LOL If you go to google and click on tools - install the google toolbar and it has a spell checker for the web... so after you type it all out hit the button and it will show you all the errors and fix them for you... how cool is that??

Love ya girl!

vanessa said...

I enjoyed reading your entrys, and like your header. I could relate to you, i am working on my thrid child but have struggled with the up and downs of weight. it was nice to read when some comes to terms of how they look not matter what size. Really size doesnt matter as long as you feel great about yourself. look foward to reading more. Where are you from. me,i live in alaska

Di said...

Awwwwww! I feel so special! Thanks for your kind comments and if you only knew! ROFLOL. This is just too much fun - Laurie blogging. Still not over that one! :-)

ZeeLV said...

Holy moly, bloggin' Laurie!!! Imagine my surprise to see that you had started a blog, yaaay! And imagine my even bigger surprise to see my name as one of the people you admire, thank you!! Congrats on the new blog! (I've added you to my blog list.)